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I will be posting the website link soon where all of this info will be available. Anyone interested in testing as a potential donor can get the info there and contact us thru the site. Anyone who would like to make a donation can also do so thru the site. All donations will deposit directly into a special bank account set up for this purpose and will be managed by our CPA. Any funds NOT used for Willie's own donor needs will be directly donated to another organ donor recipient chosen by the transplant team/organization and based on need and held in a managed bank account in the samw way.

I'm hopeful that all of our friends, families and neighbors will help us spread the word via your own social media, to family and friends and by helping us distribute fliers/posters in your own area or community as soon as the website is up and running!

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”

Vincent van Gogh

Supportive Friend


It wouldn’t be possible for us to provide our support services if it weren’t for our generous benefactors. Help keep us running at our best and highest capacity by donating today. There are many different contribution options available and we appreciate any and all support.

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