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We’d like to introduce you to Willie Quinney, the gentleman for whom this page was created. Willie is in end stage renal failure and in need of a kidney transplant. He is currently registering with the National Kidney Registry as a recipient. As Willie is type O-, it is more difficult to find a matching donor thru the National Registry alone. Hence, those of us who love him as a husband, son, father, grandfather, co-worker, neighbor, and friend have teamed up to find a donor.

Please read Willie’s story below and get to know him. Willie is loved by everyone who knows him as well as the many people whose lives he touches in all the ways he quietly gives back.

Willie has been dealing with chronic kidney disease for over 25 years. When initially diagnosed, he was told he’d need to prepare for dialysis and transplant within a few years. He decided instead of accepting that to completely change his lifestyle and diet. In doing so, he gained over 25 years of enjoying an active life without the need for dialysis.

We knew the day would eventually come when he’d need to begin dialysis. What we didn’t know is that it would progress without a whisper of warning from Stage 4 to Stage 5 and then rapidly to complete renal failure. Willie noticed some swelling in his hands and legs a few months ago. A trip to the doctor and bloodwork showed that his numbers were not in a happy place and it was time to start dialysis. Peritoneal dialysis was decided upon as his best option, so he underwent a minor surgical procedure to insert the PD catheter with the plan to begin overnight, home peritoneal dialysis approximately 6 weeks later once the surgical site healed. About 12 days after that procedure, Willie noticed he seemed more fatigued than usual at the end of the week. As he had scheduled appointments with both his nephrologist and cardiologist on Monday, he didn’t worry about it too much, assuming it was a normal part of what his body was going thru. Sunday morning, he awoke to feeling short of breath, increased swelling and overwhelming fatigue. He was transported to the ER where it was discovered he’d rapidly progressed to complete renal failure. He was admitted, an arterial port placed, and emergency hemodialysis was started. Over the course of 4 days, 10 liters of fluid was removed. He will now continue outpatient hemodialysis for another month until his PD port heals, at which time he’ll hopefully be able to switch to home peritoneal dialysis.

This brings us to the present, where our search for a kidney begins. Our hope is that there is someone out there in this big ol’ world who is a match and will generously consider donation of a healthy kidney so that Willie can continue to change the world, one person, one smile, one good deed at a time as he has always done. Someone who will read his story and understand how vitally important his presence in the lives of his family, co-workers, friends, and community truly is. Someone who will know that Willie has spent his life giving and still has so much left to give. He just needs a little help in getting his body to cooperate with the plans his heart has. Please continue reading and learn about Willie. Get to know him. Hear what those whose lives he touches have to say about him. Once you know him, join us in our search, spread the word as far as you can, be tested if you feel it in your heart to do so and help us ensure that Willie is with us to continue adding chapters to his story for a long time to come!

Willie's Updates


Willie and Cheryl just got home and settled for the night. Surgical repair of the PD port was a SUCCESS and it's now functioning as it should! Willie will have this weekend off of dialysis to recuperate a bit and will go for hemodialysis again very early Monday morning. He and Cheryl will be completing their PD training following his hemodialysis sessions over the next two weeks. If all goes as planned, he will then be able to begin home dialysis. He'll be at the restaurant this weekend as much as he's able to be if anyone wants to stop by and give him a high five!


Good news and bad news to share this morning! Which do you want to hear first?

Let's get the bad news out of the way so we can do an uninterrupted a happy dance for the good! Willie had some complications during dialysis this morning and passed out. He's back at his hotel with Cheryl, is resting and having some breakfast and is feeling MUCH better. They're thinking that too much fluid came off too quickly and they may need to adjust his time on dialysis to slow things down a little. Things like this happen during dialysis, so while it sounds really scary, it's just part of it. However, it really helps us understand why it's important that he have the hotel accomodation available not only to overnight the night before due to such early chair time, but also in the event of something like this where he needs to NOT make the long drive back home and just rest following treatment.

Now for the good news!

Willie's surgeon was able to move his PD port repair date up from Dec. 26th to Nov. 17th!! This means he will have less time where he'll have to travel to the Springs if all goes well. He'll need some healing time after the procedure to get his PD port functioning is completed, but if all goes well, he'll be able to begin home dialysis before Christmas, possibly sooner. This is such great news not only because it will decrease the number of trips to the Springs substantially, but also because PD is much easier on the body than hemodialysis.



Willie is the proud father of 3 adult children, Kevin, Jeff and Jamie and the bonus dad of his wife, Cheryl’s 3 children, Ron, Christy, and Charlie. He is the cherished PaPa of 7 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

For the last 12 years, Willie and his wife, Cheryl have owned and operated Silver Cliff Mountain Inn in Silver Cliff, Colorado. Their warm, welcoming hospitality, friendliness, terrific staff and of course, delicious food has made it without question the most popular restaurant in town for locals as well as the many folks who frequently make the drive for Sunday lunch from all over Southern Colorado. While Silver Cliff Mountain Inn is the official name of their restaurant, locals refer to it as, “Willie’s Place.” They’re known for their scrumptious, fried chicken every Sunday (Willie hand breads and fries it himself!) as well as their green chili, homemade desserts and of course, Willie’s meatloaf!

Willie and Cheryl are very involved in their community. You’ll frequently see them hosting fundraisers for various school events or sports teams, their local Sherrif’s Department, American Legion or a neighbor in need. They, along with their family members adopt local children and families in need at Christmas time each year and annually host a huge, community Thanksgiving dinner, free of charge, for anyone who wants to come. Locals see Willie on most days whizzing around in his little red car dropping off meals to community members who are elderly or ill and can’t get out on their own. You’ll see Cheryl toting shopping bags filled with clothing, coats, and shoes that she and Willie have quietly purchased for local children in need. Both Willie and Cheryl firmly believe in giving back and do so in any way they’re able.

Willie is an avid golfer, a die-hard Kansas City Chief’s fan and loves to travel. His favorite trips of course are to Missouri, California or Texas to visit his children and grandchildren.

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